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Content Creators, Technical Writers, and Marketing or Design Experts

Varsity 5 is seeking top talent to join our team! If you are looking for paid writing opportunities, we invite you to consider writing for our blog. Our blog features content that relates to digital marketing, online technology solutions, branding / design, sales funnels and automation.
Full Details Below
  1. v5a Blog Post Requirements
  2. Possible Topics Breakdown
  3. The Process
  4. Compensation and Ownership

#1. v5a Blog Post Requirements

The Basics

  • Minimum article length is 1000 words
  • Topic should relate to one of our 5 core service areas (see below)
  • Topic should relate to one of our service areas (represented via subtopic categories in the table below)
  • Include a great title that will generate interest
  • Begin with a brief introduction or synopsis of topic
  • Create a conclusion that summarizes the main point(s) of the article
  • Optional: Include a Call-To-Action that communicates how V5A can assist in a way that relates to the content
  • Provide links for cited sources
  • No backlinks to competitors’ sites are allowed

Using Images

  • Featured images are not required but if provided please consider …
    • Image licenses and copyright must be adhered to, follow the below guidelines:
    • ‘Free’ stock from sites like Unsplash or Pexels
    • Creative commons images
    • Reference images if source is cited (Flickr non-creative commons)
  • Optimal featured image size is 1024 x 536
  • Supporting images are ok under the following guidelines:
    • ‘Free’ stock from sites like Unsplash or Pexels
    • Creative commons images
    • Reference images if source is cited

#2. Possible Topics Breakdown

Service Area Presence Appearance Engagement Sales Support Retention

*The above are not intended as ‘stand alone’ topic areas on their own

Related Topic Categories Domains & Hosting Branding Email Marketing Automation Customer Retention Strategies
Email Admin. & Mgmt. Content Lead Generation Conversion Optimization Maintenance & Support
Network Admin & Security Design Social Media Mgmt. Fulfillment Copywriting

#3. The Process

If you are interested in writing for V5A, use the form below to provide your contact information along with a few details about your relative experience. Inquiries that provide writing samples will be given higher priority.

Our content manager will then follow-up to discuss ideas that relate to topic assignment.

Payment is rendered via PayPal when the final article is delivered and approved by V5A.

#4. Compensation and Ownership

Varsity 5 is commissioning content writers. Any content created and compensated by V5A becomes property of Varsity 5 and may not be used on other websites without expressed written permission.

For each unique, approved article written, Varsity 5 will pay $100.

Content must be agreed upon and commissioned prior to delivery if compensation is expected.

Any sample content provided by potential writers will be used only as a reference as to writing style and skill level. Varsity 5 will not publish your sample content on any of our web properties, social media pages, in print or otherwise.

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